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Axiom will recommend the best configuration and services for each building in your portfolio. The Axiom Platform co-optimizes multiple services to meet our customers’ specific needs and help maximize financial benefits.


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Energy Bill Management

Lower your energy bills by up to 15% by actively managing the building’s power consumption. The Axiom platform autonomously modulates thermal systems to intelligently “shape” the building’s load profile without compromising thermal services. It uses advanced optimization to simultaneously reduce the building’s peak demand charges and shift energy consumption away from expensive hours.


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Grid Services

Unlock a new revenue stream by transforming your building portfolio into a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). The Axiom Platform aggregates buildings across a portfolio to form significant blocks of flexible power capacity. It monetizes this flexible capacity by enabling Demand Response revenue, capacity payments, wholesale energy market participation, or other forms of grid services revenue from utilities and grid operators.


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Backup Thermal Services

Avoid catastrophic liability and cost of thermal outages such as food spoilage (cold chain), IT equipment failure (data centers), or life safety risks (hospitals and nursing homes). The Axiom Platform uses its optional Retrofit RB or other forms of thermal energy storage to enable backup cooling and co-optimize it with other services. It predicts outages and maintains a buffer to prepare for unplanned events.


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Other Services (coming soon)

The Axiom Platform will continue to improve as Axiom releases additional services. Future services (value streams) include:

  • Ongoing, adaptive Retrocommissioning (RCx)

  • Predictive maintenance of thermal systems

  • Others not yet announced