How it Works: Axiom Cloud

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The Axiom Cloud is a software-only platform that intelligently modulates existing thermal systems to actively manage building power consumption - without sacrificing thermal services.

It uses a small onsite computer and onsite power meters to autonomously monitor and control existing thermal systems through BACnet, LonWorks, or direct inputs. It unlocks flexibility in thermal systems by continuously executing the following four functions in order to help maximize the value we provide to each customer’s building portfolio: model, forecast, optimize, and implement.

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MODEL | Digitize the thermal system(s) and the building’s power load profile

The Axiom Cloud generates a precise thermo-physical model of the building’s thermal systems AND a model of the building’s electricity load profile at the main electricity meter. Both models are trained using available configuration data, historical operational data, historical load data, and historical weather data. Both models include variable constraints and continuously improve over time using machine learning algorithms.


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FORECAST | Estimate future power consumption of thermal systems and the entire building

The Axiom Cloud uses its advanced models to forecast future thermal loads, thermal system performance, and the electrical load of the entire building (along with variable operational constraints). It uses predictive analytics along with forecasts of weather, market conditions, building use patterns, and demand response events to generate updated 7-day forecasts every 15 minutes.


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OPTIMIZE | Generate an operational strategy for the entire building portfolio

The Axiom Cloud applies its forecasts to an optimization framework that continuously seeks to determine the operational strategy for the entire building portfolio that will generate the highest risk-adjusted economic value for the customer. It co-optimizes multiple value streams such as time-of-use energy arbitrage, demand charge management, demand response, and backup thermal services.


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IMPLEMENT | Autonomously modulate thermal systems

The Axiom Cloud executes the optimized operational strategy by modulating the power consumption of thermal systems in real-time. It iteratively sends commands, measures results, and adjusts accordingly on an ongoing basis. In many cases, the Axiom Cloud commands thermal systems to “charge” (e.g., lower set points to pre-cool or freeze TES tanks) prior to forecasted peaks so that load shedding is possible without compromising thermal services.