Stop ignoring the majority of your electricity bill: POWER

Buildings with large thermal loads use a lot of electricity, and electricity bills are rising fast. In many states and countries today, POWER (or the timing of energy consumption) drives 60-70% of the electricity bill. Energy management systems, LED lighting, and rooftop PV do NOT address this rapidly-growing problem.

Active power management is the solution.



Typical active power management solutions don’t work for buildings with large thermal loads

Li-ion batteries require expensive hardware and long implementation timelines, and they cannot typically provide as much value in buildings with large thermal loads (which have smoother load profiles).

Traditional demand response generates limited value and requires manual interruptions of services, which can be disruptive or dangerous in buildings with large cooling, heating, or refrigeration loads.



Axiom’s “Virtual Battery” provides active power management to buildings with large thermal loads - without expensive hardware or disruptions

The Axiom Cloud platform (software-only) uses machine learning and predictive analytics to transform your existing thermal systems into intelligent batteries. It can be deployed quickly and easily across your building portfolio with a simple payback of ~6-18 months. It autonomously reduces your utility bills, generates new revenue streams, and reduces outages of mission-critical thermal systems.