Axiom in the news

California sees increase in suppliers of flexible power capacity
3/20/2019 • Smart Energy International  
Whole Foods Joins Energy Saving Program
3/19/2019 • Progressive Grocer  
Whole Foods Market Participates In CA DRAM Energy Program
3/19/2019 • Facility Executive  
The challenges facing utilities and other traditional players in the sector in the clean energy transition is by now well known.
2/22/2019 • Engerati  
Exxon Is Looking to Buy Cheap Renewable Energy
8/29/2018 • Greentech Media  
Energy savings are freeing up investment capital for grocers
8/20/2018 • Food Dive  
Shell New Energies VP: “We Are Further Along Than People Realize”
7/20/2018 • Cleantechnica  
Five Things Utilities Ought to Consider for Energy Storage
6/19/2018 • Utility Dive  
June 2018 Leader in the News: Axiom Exergy Closes $7.6 Million Series A with a New Thermal Storage Model for Grocery Stores
6/12/2018 • Mintz  
Axiom Exergy raises $7.6 million for chill battery
5/20/2018 • Chemical & Engineering News  
Shell’s latest investment: The story behind Axiom Exergy
5/11/2018 • Compelo  
Tesla battery guru, Shell invest in Axiom’s ice storage Series A round
5/9/2018 • Energy Storage News  
Axiom Exergy Raises $7.6M in Series A Funding
5/9/2018 • Finsmes  
Industrial IoT company Axiom Energy pulls in $7.6 mln Series A
5/9/2018 • PE Hub  
The Funded: 17 Bay Area startups rake in nearly $260M in midweek deals
5/9/2018 • Silicon Valley Business Journal  
How Does Thermal Energy Storage Reach Scale?
9/6/2017 • Greentech Media  
Stanford Entrepreneur finds the Cool in Jazz, Clean Energy Startup
9/5/2017 • The Mercury News  
In a hotter world, seeking cool relief can make it warmer
8/9/2017 • E&E News  
Hillphoenix backs energy storage solution
7/18/2017 • Refrigeration Portal  
Hillphoenix backs energy storage solution
7/13/2017 • Jarn  
Hillphoenix partners with "smart" battery maker
7/11/2017 • In Store  
HillPhoenix Backs Energy Storage Solution
7/11/2017 • Cooling Post  
Energy Storage North America announces 2017 innovation award finalists
6/15/2017 • Solar Power World  
Axiom Exergy's Refrigeration Battery Wins American Business Award
6/5/2017 • The News  
Axiom Exergy Utilizes Refrigeration for Energy Storage
5/2/2017 • Breaking Energy  
Axiom Exergy Energy Storage
4/28/2017 • Energy Vortex  
Axiom Exergy Brings Its Refrigeration Batteries to Market in 3 Years
4/28/2017 • Greentech Media  
SoCal Whole Foods installs high-tech, energy saving battery
4/27/2017 • FoodDive  
Battery project pilot yields results for Whole Foods
4/26/2017 • Smart Energy Decisions  
Axiom Exergy Energy Storage Assists Whole Foods Market Los Altos Store in Shifting up to 1040 kWh of Electricity to Lower Costs
4/25/2017 • North American Clean Energy  
Whole Foods Installs Thermal Refrigeration Battery
4/25/2017 • Progressive Grocer  
Axiom Energy Thermal Storage In Place At CA Whole Foods Market
4/20/2017 • Facility Executive  
Forbes 30 Under 30: Energy
1/9/2017 • Forbes  
ConEd, Axiom partner for 2 MW of refrigeration battery storage
9/8/2016 • Utiltiy Dive  
Energy Storage Mashup Aims Thermal Tech At Fruits & Veggies (And Ice Cream)
9/7/2016 • Cleantechnica  
How New York Grocery Stores Plan to Use Ice Batteries
9/6/2016 • Fortune  
Program to offer NYC grocers incentives for efficient refrigeration
9/6/2016 • Supermarket News  
ConEdison offers incentives to groceries for installation of load-shifting thermal storage systems
9/6/2016 • Stratton Report  
Con Edison signs energy storage contract with Axiom
9/6/2016 • SNL Financial  
Nighttime Ice-Makers to Save New York City Grocer Utility Bills
9/6/2016 • Bloomberg  
This "Refrigeration Battery" Helps Supermarkets Keep Things Cold For Less
9/1/2016 • Fast Company  
Thermal Storage Developer Raises 2.5M
8/13/2016 • Utility Dive  
"The non-wire alternative: ConEd's Brooklyn-Queens pilot rejects traditional grid upgrades "
8/7/2016 • Utility Dive  
Axiom Exergy Raises $2.5M for Thermal Energy Storage
8/7/2016 • Greentech Media  
Tesla's CTO Just Backed A Startup That Makes An Ice Battery
8/7/2016 • Fortune  
Axiom Exergy Raises 2.5 to turn Refrigerators into Batteries
8/6/2016 •  
Axiom Exergy Raises $2.5 Million to Meet Demand for Energy Storage in Grocery Stores and Cold Storage Facilities
8/2/2016 • Power Engineering  
Tesla for Easy Microgrid Buying, Black & Veatch for Sustainability & Axiom Exergy for Cool
8/2/2016 • Micogrid Knowledge  
This Refrigeration Battery Helps Supermarkets Keep Things Cold for Less
8/2/2016 • Fast Company  
Tesla CTO JB Straubel Invests in Axiom Exergy
8/2/2016 • Electrek  
Tesla CTO JB Straubel Joins Investment Round For Axiom Exergy’s “Refrigeration Battery”
8/2/2016 • Cleantechnica  
Recharge Wrap-up: Tesla Model 3 beta phase? Straubel invests in Axiom
8/2/2016 • Autoblog  
Executive Perspective: Sustainable Innovation for the World, Axiom Exergy
12/14/2015 • Thomson Reuters  
Refrigeration Battery is a Cool Idea for Saving Energy at the Supermarket
5/4/2015 • Treehugger  
Axiom Exergy Claims It Can Slash Supermarkets' Energy Bills By Converting Refrigeration Systems
5/1/2015 • Perishable News  
Refrigeration Battery Could Lower Supermarket Energy Use By 40 Percent
4/29/2015 • Triple Pundit  
Refrigeration Battery Works as Energy Storage
4/24/2015 • Energy Manager Today  
Axiom Exergy Turns Supermarket Fridges Into Energy Storage Assets
4/22/2015 • Greentech Media  


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