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Transform your central refrigeration systems into intelligent, flexible power assets


Grocery stores are heavily exposed to rising costs and volatility

Axiom’s roots are in active power management for retail grocery, and the Axiom Platform is deployed in multiple major national grocery chains today. We started in this segment because retail grocery companies are facing a painful new reality: they have incredibly thin profit margins (1-2% after taxes), electricity is typically the third-largest cost on their balance sheets, and grocery stores are some of the least flexible electricity consumers on the grid (which makes them especially vulnerable to utility rate changes). As utility rates change, power costs increase, and grids become less reliable, these problems are intensifying.


There is no middle ground. Retail grocery companies must make a choice: DO NOTHING (and lose money) or CHOOSE POWER FLEXIBILITY.

The Axiom Platform unlocks a grocery store’s existing assets - its central refrigeration system - as a source of power flexibility for the entire building. Retail grocery companies that choose active power management benefit from reduced utility costs, new grid services revenue streams, protection against grid volatility, and protection against grid instability.

Are your central refrigeration system a flexible asset or an inflexible liability? Which path are your competitors on?


Why is the Axiom Platform the best choice?

The Axiom Platform does NOT provide energy management or energy efficiency to reduce kWh - instead, it actively reshapes a grocery store’s load profile to solve today’s biggest energy challenge: POWER (kW).

Popular forms of active power management include Lithium-ion battery systems (expensive, short lifespan, degrading performance), manual demand response (burdensome day-ahead emails or calls to facility managers and manual equipment shutoffs), or automatic thermostat setbacks (which compromise occupant comfort and are not feasible for refrigeration).

The Axiom Platform is designed specifically for buildings with large thermal loads. It is a more effective, more scalable, lower cost, and more automated solution for active power management in grocery stores.


Two options: maximize speed or increase total value

The Axiom Platform is available in two configurations for retail grocery applications.

The Axiom Cloud (software-only) configuration can be applied to low-temperature refrigeration systems across your entire store portfolio quickly and without hassle. This approach maximizes speed and scalability, and it lays the groundwork to add more services and Retrofit RB systems in the future as applicable.

The Axiom Cloud + Retrofit RB configuration can be applied to medium-temperature refrigeration systems to drive much greater value per store. Medium temperature refrigeration is typically the largest energy-consuming system in a grocery store (accounting for 60-80% of all refrigeration capacity in many stores), and the Retrofit RB solution enables deeper savings by adding thermal storage capabilities. This approach maximizes value per store.