Are your thermal systems working for you or against you?


Buildings use 28% of their electricity for thermal services.

For grocery stores, cold storage facilities, large office buildings, and data centers, a few central thermal systems can consume 40-90% of the entire building’s electricity.

On hot days when the grid is stressed and electricity costs skyrocket, thermal systems consume even more energy to achieve their temperature set points.



Energy management systems and energy efficiency are neglecting the biggest problem - and opportunity.

Electricity grids are becoming highly volatile, and buildings with large, inflexible thermal systems are paying the price. Energy management systems and energy efficiency measures that seek to reduce energy usage (kWh) are neglecting the biggest problem. In many states and countries today, 60-70% of a typical utility bill is driven by POWER (kW), or WHEN electricity is used. Are the thermal systems in your building portfolio a flexible asset or an inflexible liability?



Axiom Exergy provides active power management for entire buildings by transforming their thermal systems into intelligent, flexible assets.

The Axiom platform intelligently modulates central thermal systems - without compromising thermal services - in order to “reshape” the load profile of the entire building. You don’t need control of every lightbulb and rooftop unit to optimize a building’s load profile.



Axiom unlocks multiple new value streams for portfolios of buildings with large thermal loads.

In addition to optimizing power consumption of individual buildings, the Axiom Cloud transforms your building portfolio into a turnkey Virtual Power Plant (VPP) to unlock new value streams and provide enterprise-level power management.



Plug your building portfolio into the Axiom Cloud™️

…and make your thermal systems work for you.


Benefits of active power management


Increase Cashflow

  • Reduce rising utility costs

  • Unlock new revenue streams (grid service, incentives)


Reduce Risk

  • Prepare for increasing utility price volatility

  • Prepare for more grid outages/instability


Enhance Sustainability

  • Reduce GHGs by shifting energy usage to off-peak hours

  • Enable more intermittent renewables on the grid

Flexibility & intelligence can unlock a cleaner power grid

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Make your thermal systems work for you.